Full English

What is it?



Excessive indulgence in an activity of acquiring knowledge.

Because it makes you perform better, learn faster and simply know more.

Our first book

It is not an app,

it is a XXI century textbook that adapts itself to the student's progress, and delivers immersive real-life cultural experience.

“When I was at language school, I thought my English was good. But when I went to study in the UK, it turned out to be very bad. Only when I was surrounded by culture and language I learnt the proper language. There is no other way.”
- Non-native English speaking student

It is a solution,

because there is more to learning than repeating. We remember things that we want to remember or have emotional reasons to do so. If we do not want to remember something, no flashcard system will make us do it.

“Einstein never used flashcards” is the title of an actual book.

On average it takes a few thousand hours to master English, student-initiated communication during lessons constitutes a mere 0.21%. On top of that, the market is saturated with products of low quality and too small to solve any serious problems in today's education. That's why FullEnglish is changing how we learn. Faster, better and in a natural way.

Imagine a book that is alive and eveolves with you while you become friends with its characters. Imagine a book that delivers you content based on your personality. A book that you can trust. Written by professional teachers and academics, designed with students’ current needs in mind, powered by technologies and beautiful storytelling, this book hides mundane learning process behind immersion and relevance.


The flesh

Storytelling is as old as the language itself. Therefore, professionally written interactive story animates the methodology of learning the language, immersing students in culture and speeds up learning.


The backbone

Academic standard content provided by university professors for all language levels. The science behind learning a language is the core of our book.


The brain

The technology allows interaction with the characters, review of students’ progress, and pulls relevant content based on students’ personality. The student is spared the mechanical and boring methodology currently used by traditional books.


The personality

The seriousness of learning often deter students, whereas methodology from games and behavioural psychology speed up the learning process and make students use the book more often than any other materials.

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